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Electronic personnel records

Optimizing internal personnel processes

Do the personnel records occupy a lot of space in your company and is your personnel department losing valuable time searching for important data? Have you given thought about whether your personnel records are securely stored? If not, there is a danger that data could get into the hands of unauthorized persons and cause severe damage to your company.

Use the electronic personnel records of Rhenus Docs to Data to avoid all these inconveniences and to improve your internal business processes.

Characteristics of electronic personnel records

If your company has several employees, you will certainly know the flood of data that is associated therewith. Contact details, salary information, vacation dates, correspondence and e-mails, and information on training and refresher courses lead to an uncontrollable growth of the personnel records of the employees concerned, and soon the overview will be lost.

Having your personnel records digitized will give you an overview of all employee documents which have been generated. For this purpose you can make use of the efficient search function to call up all relevant personnel records at the press of a button so that they are quickly available when required, for example, for an employee appraisal interview.

With electronic personnel records, you will furthermore gain better transparency into the staffing structures of your company. You will see at a glance where there is hidden potential for optimization and will be able to promptly react accordingly.

How electronic personnel records work

Before we start with the creation of your electronic personnel records, we will contact your personnel archive representative to make ourselves acquainted with all particularities of your archive system. In this way we make sure that all information will be captured in the digitization process and that your internal file structures will be preserved. During this process we will continuously validate the digitized stored data against the existing personnel records. In the end, your employees are supposed to work with the electronic personnel record just as well as they do with the analog files. This is why the documents of electronic personnel records will be indexed according to your specifications so that they become easily retrievable with the extensive search function.

The digitization process will not cause you a great deal of effort. Your personnel records will be consecutively digitized and indexed. During this process your company's operations will not be affected. Even files which are presently in use can therefore be smoothly integrated into the digital stored data.

Your advantages of using electronic personnel records

Should you decide to have your internal personnel processes optimized by using electronic personnel records, you will be able to put an end to routine tasks in your company and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Cost savings through reduced archive Holdings
  • Reduced transport costs ‑ your files can be called up from anywhere
  • Quick access to individual documents through clear file structures and the extensive search function
  • Better data security through implementation of access authorizations
  • Protection against data manipulation and document loss
  • Option for simultaneous processing by multiple users
  • Smooth integration into your existing ECM, DMS, ERP systems and workflow tools
  • All files will be kept up-to-date – potential redundancies are eliminated

Rely on the expert in the field of digitization and archive management. With Rhenus Document Services you will create electronic personnel records for all your employees. During this process we will attach particularly great importance to the security of your data.

Send us a contact request now and find out more about our solutions.

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