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External administrative work

External administrative work

Saving costs and expediting processes

Are your employees losing time on recurring administrative processes instead of focusing on your core business and exploiting your company's full potential? Are you tired of having to make time-consuming staff recruitments for administrative work positions again and again?

If you answer 'yes' to these questions, you will certainly be looking for an effective solution that will enable you to handle recurring processes in a faster way. Rhenus Document Services offers you a modular solution which will help you to secure a competitive edge and to improve your internal operational processes.

Characteristics of the administrative work provided by Rhenus Document Services

In the first step we will analyze, together with you, your business processes and identify areas in which we can serve you most effectively with our modular solution.

During this process our employees will support you, for example, in the following activities:

  • Establishing client contacts
  • Master data maintenance
  • Application processing
  • Damage surveys and rule-based claims handling

Depending on your requirements, either complete tasks or only the relevant subtasks will be performed.

Rhenus Document Services GmbH has already gained substantial experience in diverse business branches where our solution is employed efficiently. All document-intensive areas and associated management and control positions are basically recording a positive trend through the use of our service.

Your advantages of the administrative work provides by Rhenus Document Services

Should you decide to use Rhenus Document Services GmbH for administrative work, you will be able to benefit from many advantages and structure your everyday operations more efficiently

  • Modular solutions with a fast ROI: Our service is offered as a modular solution that will not generate ongoing fixed costs for you but ensure a fast ROI in your company by way of piece-based billing.
  • Simplification and more efficient structuring of recurring processes: Using our administrative work services, you will be able to simplify recurring processes in your company so that your employees can focus on the core business or other high-added value activities.

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