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Document digitization

Document digitization

Digitizing files and improving operational processes

Having fast and easy access to important documents is an essential issue of any successful business. Documents are often stored in different departments and processed by several employees at the same time. In such cases redundant copies of one and the same file may be created, with a potential negative effect on data security.

Do not risk that your files are lost or get into the hands of unauthorized persons. Make use of the document digitization service by Rhenus Document Services GmbH to protect your business data and to improve the internal file processes.

What is the meaning of 'document digitization'?

The objective of document digitization is to convert all files existing in the company into an electronic form so that they will be available as data in one system.

For this purpose documents of whatever kind, such as files, plans, vouchers, invoices, etc., will be scanned and indexed. All employees will then be able to call them up, and to process them, from anywhere.

Your advantages of document digitization

Should you decide to have your files digitized, all your departments could work more efficiently and thus save valuable time. This will provide you with the following advantages:

Digitizing files and improving operational processes

Using the access management feature, the archive representative can assign different rights regulating the handling of the files, to specific staff. In this way individual employees may be authorized, for instance, to read the files but not to edit them.

Cost savings through elimination of transport and storage costs

If you have your files digitized, you may enjoy significant cost savings. Transport costs will be eliminated because the documents need not be transported from site to site any longer. Given that the need for in‑house storage of the files is eliminated as well, you will be able to save storage space.

Access from anywhere

Document digitization enables central storage of the documents in one system with no need for transport if and when you want to have a look at them. This expedites the processes because the staff in charge is freed from having to search for the files.

Extensive search functions through indexing

Digitizing files brings about a substantial advantage which cannot be matched by any analog file holding system. Your documents will be fully indexed upon capture and thus allow for extensive search. In this way you will be able to retrieve the files more quickly.

Elimination of redundant data

Document digitization eliminates the danger of creating multiple copies of one and the same file which is known from analog documents. Avoiding multiple copies of this kind helps preserve a clean file structure.

Protection against data loss

Where analog files are used quite frequently, there is a danger that files which an employee has removed from the shelf cannot be found at its original location any longer. In the worst case they could end up in the hands of third parties and cause damage to your company. Having your files digitized saves you from this problem as the documents are securely stored in one system.

Rhenus Docs to Data GmbH offers you services all around document digitization. See the benefits of a paperless office for yourself and contact us now for more information.

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