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Digital inbox

Automating correspondence and discovering new potentials

The incoming letter mail plays an important role in any company and each company has found its own way of handling the various communication channels (invoices, client letters, applications, etc.). Many companies still have the letter mail organized in paper form. From the distribution via processing through to archiving and research ‑ everything is being processed manually. This procedure not only costs valuable time and money but is also intransparent and susceptible to administrative errors. In the next few paragraphs we would like to show you how you can keep an overview while saving time and costs when using the digital inbox of Rhenus.

How the digital inbox works

We will digitize and process your entire incoming mail no matter what the file format or source. Targeted forwarding will make the data available within the entire company and allow you to optimize your processes. Whether it is an e-mail, a fax or an invoice ‑ You will promptly find everything in your digital inbox! The procedure applied by Rhenus is as follows:

  • A Rhenus courier driver will directly pick up your letter mail from the PO box and take it to the next Rhenus site or deliver it directly to the client's site
  • The mail will then be processed on site. The data will be captured both manually and automatically using OCR / ICR technology
  • This will be followed by the preparation, sorting and digitization of the incoming mail
  • The documents will be classified according to the data type and document type
  • Secure data transfer will be ensured via the SFTP network protocol
  • Personal and/or confidential letters will be delivered by Rhenus to the client in their original form
  • The data will finally be archived and destroyed in compliance with the security requirements

The digital inbox is especially recommended in cases where the company is not adequately equipped with the means required for digitization and where both the frequency and the volumes of the incoming letter mail deliveries are relatively high. And if, on top of this, many of your employees need to have access to the documents, the digital inbox will be the perfect choice for you.

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