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Scanning Service

File scanning and transitioning to a paperless office

Are you ready for moving from analog file structures to a paperless office but not sure how to best approach the process?

Are you concerned that operations in your company will be disturbed while you are scanning your files?

The scanning service of Rhenus Docs to Data GmbH offers you the professional handling of all services all around file scanning. During this process we will support you in the correct capture and digitization of your documents so that the move to the digital archive will be performed for you with as little disturbance as possible.

Why you should use the scanning Service

Analog files are an essential issue of any company. The increasing flood of documents, however, goes hand in hand with ever-rising efforts in file management. Personnel records, credit files, construction files, tax files and invoices must be quickly retrievable to enable smooth running of the associated processes.

Having your files scanned expedites many operational procedures as your staff will be able to handle specific tasks even faster than before.

File scanning - how does the process look like?

Our scanning services allow you a smooth transition process when moving to the paperless office. During this process we will support you in all preparations in order to make your files available in digital form in the shortest of time. We will also scan the files on your site upon request.

  • Your files, folders and other similar documents will be picked up by Rhenus Document Services and taken to an archive in secure transport containers.
  • Our scanning service allows you to scan files of all sizes and formats - from C7 up to A0, from delivery notes through to construction plans.

Don't worry that your important documents might not be captured during the scanning process.


  • The files will be scanned in both black and white and in colour
  • Our scanning service will identify and remove blank pages and other anomalies so that a clean file structure is preserved
  • Scanning files also means that your documents will be structured in a reasonable manner. To this end, the files will be indexed according to your specifications which allows for the highest degree of clarity and quick research options.
  • You will be free to determine which format suits you best at the time of handing over. You may choose, for example, the PDF, TIFF and JPG formats. The index data will be in XML, TXT, Access or Excel format, as required.
  • Your files, when scanned, can be successfully integrated into all common ECM, DMS, ERP systems and other workflow tools. Alternatively, the files may be handed over on electronic data carriers.
  • The files will be returned to you upon completion of the scanning service. Should you wish to have files destroyed in a data protection compliant manner, you may engage our affiliate to perform such services.

The scanning service will be provided by qualified staff. Each step in the entire process will be documented and held available at all times for your perusal.

Rely on the expert in the field of digitization and file capture and have your files scanned in order to benefit from all advantages of a paperless office. Rhenus Docs to Data will support you throughout the entire process and will be pleased to answer all your questions on the topic of scanning service. Send us a contact request now and find out more about our solutions.

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